bookmark_borderKataginu Kamishimo in Blue Linen

It has been a while (like, more than a year) since I made a basic medieval Japanese men’s garb outfit for myself, and my old stuff has started to look a little worn. So, I decided to make these hakama pants and kataginu vest out of some nice dark blue linen.

kataginu kamishimo linen blue
Hakama and Kataginu in Blue Linen

When the tops and bottom of an outfit are made from the same fabric, it is referred to as a kamishimo.

Sorry this photo just shows them hanging together on a hanger. I’ll try to wear them sometime soon and get a better photo.

bookmark_borderBeing the first post of the new blog

It has become increasingly apparent to me over the past few years that, for this web site to survive as a continuing concern, I should restart my blog. Here it is. In spite of the proud tradition of outmoded technology exemplified by the rest of this web site however, this blog is a WordPress blog. Welcome.