Actually Did Some Sewing

The group we camp with at Pennsic had a get-together over the weekend to get some sewing done. I worked some on group projects: hemming a windscreen, sewing on some side ties, and attaching hang tabs at the top. As a group, we managed to finish off two screens, though a few more are started, and the whole project got started at the last sewing circle.

In addition to that, I assembled a pair of hakama from pieces I cut at the last circle. It's been three or four months since the last circle, so it's a good thing I labelled the parts. It took a bit of thinking to decipher my markings, though. ("Is that a G, a six, or what?") I still have to assemble the kataginu that I am making from the same fabric so I'll have a new outfit for this Pennsic. All together, I'll have a new kataginu kamishimo (matching hakama & kataginu) in brown linen, a light yelllow linen kosode, and matching linen kyahan.

2008.03.31 at 10:00am EDT