In case you don't know this, every receipt, bill, letter, and reasonably-sized piece of packaging that crosses my desk gets scanned in and digitally stored. It's not that I don't keep the paper too, but that digital images are way easier to search. This has actually come in handy several times, but those of you who are saying to yourselves, "What a colossal pain!" will be glad to hear it's a colossal pain. It's such a pain that I haven't done any scanning since April. Even with scanning multiple BP receipts to a single page, I scanned more than 100 pages of stuff today. I scan most stuff in 300 dpi grayscale, since that produces a print-out that reasonably approximates a photocopy.

It's worth noting that the disk space necessary to store everything I scanned today exceeds the total storage capacity of my first laptop.

In addition, I got a bunch of braiding done today. My morning and early afternoon were all about loading pages into the scanner, pushing the button, braiding a few iterations of the pattern, then starting over. I'm hoping to get my current braiding project completed before Pennsic, but given that I have a sewing project and a painting project to complete as well, I don't know if that's going to happen.

2009.06.20 at 12:00am EDT