Who is Sarah Palin?

Who is she, and why is she in my national news? Is she a national politician? Only if you count failed politicians. Is she a politician of any kind? Not any more; she resigned her governorship under controversy. Is she a candidate for anything? Not right now she isn't. Does she have a TV show or something? I think she tried that, but I think the ratings stunk. Is she a business leader? No. Is she a diplomat? No. I guess she has a book, but her promotional book tour is already over, isn't it? Why is anybody paying attention to her? Why is the news payying attention to her? Will I get on the news for this blog posting? No. Is that unfair? No, because I am nobody. Does she get on the news for two word Twitter posts? Yes. Why? I don't know. Third base.

2010.06.21 at 4:30pm EDT