Sir Maghnus Kamishimo

Last summer, the knight who heads our household at Pennsic, his excellency, Baron Sir Maghnus an Chnoic na n'Iora, celebrated the twentieth anniversary of his knighting. Their graces, Duke Sir Christopher Rawlyns and Duchess Morgen of Rye bought some great fabric (Sir Christopher was squired to Sir Maghnus), so Sharon and I volunteered to make some Japanese Garb from it. It took us a while, but we recently completed the outfit.

Sir Maghnus in his new garb

Sharon made the kosode, and I made the hakama and kataginu. The white himo (ties) on the hakama are both appropriate for Sir Maghnus (in the SCA, only knights wear white belts) and more period than I usually get to make for myself. I had hoped to make the kataginu (vest) from the same fabric as the hakama (pants), but due to cutting, there wasn't quite enough. I found this shiny fabric at the Jo-Ann, though.

2010.07.26 at 8:00am EDT