R.I.P. Natasha


Well, Mischa died a few months ago, and Tashi was only a few months younger than Mischa, so I suppose we were expecting this sooner or later, but it was altogether a bit sudden anyway. She stopped eating, and even subcutaneous fluids didn't perk her up. She was one of those cats who always liked to drink from the faucet, but by Sunday she couldn't even keep water down and she'd just stand there watching the drops fall.

She was a wonderful cat, a great cat. She had an extra digit on each paw (polydactyly), so sometimes we'd call her "Mittens". She loved laps, pets, catnip, treats, sunshine, food, running water, fresh air, tuna, and everything else you'd expect for a cat. She would come to greet you when you walked into the house. We miss her.

2011.01.11 at 10:00pm EST