Film: Never Let Me Go

I skipped this movie in theaters because I wasn't sure it was worth seeing. I was wrong.

The trailer makes it seem that over the course of the film we discover the horrible truth of the characters lives, that they are clones, bred only as organ donors. The trailer is awful. That's not the big secret of the movie; that's the premise.

There are no big secrets in this movie, and no big reveals. There are no chase sequences, no fights, and no explosions. There is just a story.

This movie is actually remarkable not for what is in it, but for what is not in it. The things they don't talk about say just as much about the world they live in as the things they do. There are things you never see in this movie because the characters never see them. Their absence leaves a great void, and I think this is deliberate.

2011.01.24 at 12:00am EST