I Have a Book by Demetri Martin

If you have ever worried that our technological society would fall, and that we would lose the ability to watch Demetri Martin videos on YouTube, then you should be comforted that now there is a book by Demetri Martin called "This is a Book by Demetri Martin".

This book condenses into good old paper form everything about Demetri Martin's performances that condenses the wonderment of Demetri Martin's neuroses into humorously wonderful form. It contains jokes, monologues, stories, graphs, and statistics. It is equal parts vignette and narrative. It is the perfect book for referring to throughout the day. It will remind you that the world Demetri Martin lives in is profoundly strange, but in a way that endears it to the kind of person you know you are, not the kind of person you hope are. It is also one of the most gracious books I have ever read.


2012.04.27 at 7:30am EST