Continuing Creative Kumihimo

It's been a bit more than a months since my last post about this project, and I have four more braids done. I'm not sure I'll be finished before Pennsic as I'd hoped, but the number of braids I have to show already is getting significant.





Not much to say about these, really. I like 16S quite a bit; it's easy to get a good solid braid. The braid made by 16R (which is very similar in structure) is also nice, but it's more difficult to keep the tension right, as you can see by the unevenness. I'm not a big fan of 16Q; I'm pretty sure there are multiple errors in there, but I don't care because this braid is annoying. I still think 16P makes a nice braid, but I may be doing it slightly wrong.

2012.06.26 at 12:00am EDT