My Swag Page

This is what my Swag page looks like as of May 21st, 2008.

The trophies are for the following acheivements:

The Bronto super egg is in the space ship sanctuary in the "Beyond Apocalypse" level at the end of an "Insane" challenge run.

My Speedrun Record

I finally earned my gold crown by completing all of the speed runs on "Insane" difficulty. The "Death Crater" run was the last one I needed to complete

I'm told that to unlock "Planet D", you have to complete a challenge run on Insane, which I haven't acheived yet.

How to Get Hats

To activate hats in single player and multiplayer, you must donate money to PixelJam. I will not tell you the code. How to donate:

  1. Start from the main screen.
  2. Select "Options".
  3. Select "Cheats + Mods".
  4. Select "Enable Hats".
  5. Complete the donation process through PayPal.
  6. Click the link on the receipt page that takes you to the tahnks page.
  7. Download the zip file of donor bonuses.
  8. Open the password text file and read the password.
  9. Return to the "Cheats + Mods" page.
  10. Enter the password.

How to Escape Sanctuary

If your race or run ends with the sanctury that has the graffitoed worm pit at the lower left, jump up onto the platforms and then jump up through the wall at about the point I'm standing here:

You'll pas through the wall and into a bizarre anti-world of fun! It gets better; get over to the left and jump up through the wall over the entry to sanctuary, and you can get outside.

Again, this works anywhere you get this sanctuary, including the "Kooky Caverns" and "Volcano Flats" race courses. Nothing you do will add to your scroe, but you can explore and try things out that you wouldn't want to do with a doom wall following you.

The Secret to Paradise

On a "Hard" or "Insane" challenge run (I haven't tried on Easy or Medium), the big volcano has a cave system about half way up. There's a hidden pasage that leads to the secret masters. Finding this area saves your dino and completes the run.

When you get to the gray plateau halfway up the volcano, enter the mountain and then jump up and left as soon as you can. If you continue left you'll wind up in the first secret sanctuary, but if you go right, jump across the small platform, and then jump into the small dead end,

Then jump to the right and wiggle a bunch, you'll get through to the secret dino masters.

Jumping into the shining portal takes you to paradise!