Cherry Marudai

Massive braiding stand made from local lumber

12 inch mirror, 26 inches tall, 15 pounds

October 2012

horizontal rule


As I detailed in the "Friendly Lumber" blog post last month, a friend of mine has a small saw mill and sold me some 2+ inch thick cherry lumber. I decided to make a marudai from some of it. The mirror is 12 inches in diameter, and the marudai is 26 inches tall. The slabs for the base and mirror are about 2 inches thick. The legs are 1.25" square, and are mortised into place. It weighs about 15 pounds.

12 inch mirror 26 inches tall, 15 pounds

The whole thing was made from one big piece of wood, suitably cut and shaped.


The Process

I used my band saw to cut the pieces to shape, then used a variety of saws and router bits to further sculpt the wood. I smoothed and squared the legs in the planer, then mortised them into the bas and mirror using a combination of router and chisel work. Extensive sanding, followed by gluing, followed by more sanding, followed by finishing and burnishing completed the project.

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