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Bamboo Box Project

I'd seen pictures of boxes like this on the web, and it always seemed like such an easy way to make an interesting little box. Recently, I was in a restaurant supply store and saw a big stack of these bamboo sushi rolling mats for not much money each, so I decided to make one.

Bamboo Box

It really is just a bamboo sushi rolling mat, two blocks of wood, and a loop and toggle closure, The blocks of wood are just glued in place. I used cypress wood, since I had some scraps lying around. For this mat, the blocks are 3" x 1.25", which leaves just enough mat to overlap for the closure. The toggle is made from another small piece of cypress, and the loop is made from braid 50, which is a silk hira nami flat braid I did last May. I haven't cut the braid yet, all the extra material is currently inside the box.

I also have pictures of the box open and a close-up of the closure.

2010.09.06 at 10:00pm EDT

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